Back in Time — A Letter From John Kangas

Image of a postcard of the Kangas homestead, now...

The Farmhouse History of Northern Comfort Bed and Breakfast

The farm was built in 1901 by Finish immigrants,...

The Kangas family were some of the first people to put down roots in the Embarrass area when homesteaders John Kangas and Elmiina (Seitäniemi) Kangas came to the United States in 1901 and started to build what is now Northern Comfort Inn.
Legend has it that Kangas nearly froze to death when a blizzard overcame him until he shot a moose to cut the animal open and crawl inside for protection. Having survived the night, he determined this should be the location where he built his home.
In 1910, the home became a Finnish boarding house, and it retains much of the same charm and historical presence today.

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