The Sauna


Traditional wood-fired relaxation.

What To Expect… Sauna Edition

We’re pleased to offer a traditional, wood-fired sauna here on the farm. Our current sauna dates from the 1970’s when, according to legend, the Scherer family boys from one of the original families had a little too much fun with fireworks, burning down the original homestead sauna. As ‘penance’ the boys were tasked with building the current sauna which is a cozy, large facility heated by a wood stove. 

In order to help you prepare, here are some details on what to expect when booking a sauna at Northern Comfort.

Scheduling a Sauna

The Northern Comfort sauna is wood fired and requires advanced notice so that we can have it ready for you at our agreed-upon time. It takes anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours to get to full heat and requires monitoring during the process.


The Northern Comfort Sauna is $15 per fire per room, plus local tax.

How To Schedule

Just drop us an email or let us know while making your reservation. If multiple parties would like to book a sauna in one day, we will schedule specific 90-minute timeslots for each room on a first come, first serve basis. These time slots are non-refundable on the chance that you may not be able to make your reserved time. Depending on the situation, we may coordinate sauna sessions for multiple rooms, but in general, our guests prefer to enjoy their sauna with their specific traveling companions. 

What’s Included

When you book a Northern Comfort sauna session, we’ll make sure we’re fired up and ready to go at our agreed-upon time. We provide special sauna-only towels and bottles of fresh, cold, bottled water for all of our sauna visitors.

What to Wear In the Sauna

Sauna wear is varied, depending on personal preference. Some guests opt to wear a bathing suit, some wear more casual clothing or undergarments, and some head into the sauna au natural. It’s entirely up to you! 

If you are sharing your sauna with guests not in your party, you are required to wear a bathing suit. 

What to Wear on the Way to the Sauna

We provide freshly steamed terry robes in each room which can be worn to the sauna so you do not need to worry about bringing a change of clothes.  Even in subzero temperatures, the robe is normally sufficient to protect you on the walk from the farmhouse to the sauna building (about 50 feet, door to door.)

If more comfortable, feel free to wear PJs or street clothes to the sauna. There is a changing room in the sauna that is heated. It’s a perfect place to swap clothes. There are hooks and benches to stash your belongings while in the sauna.

Sauna Temperatures and How to Enjoy the Sauna

We generally heat the sauna to 160-180 degrees. If you are more experienced with commercial hotel and gym saunas, this is significantly warmer than what you might be used to. Sauna heat is quite dry without dousing the rocks inside the sauna chamber with water. We provide water and ladles for you to add water to the hot rocks and increase the steam in the room. 

While enjoying your sauna, please take frequent breaks so that you do not overheat. You can step into the changing room or head outside to the bench right outside the sauna building. Many people enjoy jumping into snowbanks during the winter months to cool off!  

Before and After the Sauna

It is best to avoid drinking alcohol before enjoying the sauna. If we are aware that guests have enjoyed alcoholic beverages, we may suggest postponing the sauna to a different evening. You will still be responsible for sauna fees.

Try to drink extra water before your sauna to help your body prepare for the hot temperatures. 

We provide bottles of ice-cold water for our sauna guests. Please make sure to keep the bottle with you during your sauna to stay hydrated. 

Post-sauna, most guests feel extremely relaxed and sleepy. Get ready for a great night’s sleep in the farmhouse!


Try out the sauna during your stay!

Would you like to add a wood-fired sauna to your stay? Registered guests, please hit the button to send us a note to arrange your sauna. If you haven’t booked your stay, you can add a sauna session during the online checkout process or call the B&B at 218-984-2014 and register by phone.

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